Pest Control Services

About Pest Control Services​

Presence of Pests, Rodent & Termite such as flies, bugs, ants, roaches, and mice in the premises can cause a lot of problems for you. It creates an unhealthy environment around you and causes infections and diseases. So, you must do something to get rid of such type of an unpleasant atmosphere. Termite treatment should be done on a priority basis as it destroys the things slowly and builds up their own space. To abolish pests from your space, one of the best options is to call a Pest Control Service provider.

We offer the following Pest Control Services

  • Rodent Trappers
  • Gum Stickers
  • Drilling and injecting chemicals 
  • The control measures will be effective against pests like cockroaches, silverfish, black ants, red ants, spiders, crickets, rodents, mice & termites.
  • The process involves spraying the entire drainage and surrounding area with particular reference to pantries, canteen, cupboards, stores, main holes, toilets, etc.
  • Dry chemicals, along with the foodstuff, will be kept in the required spots. Rats will be dragged after eating them, which gives them a necessary warning, and they will run away.

With SSOS you are totally protected. Our experienced and friendly pest control technicians do everything for you is insured and guaranteed. We can help you to get rid of the pests & rodents of any type with a specific solution.

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