House keeping Services

About House Keeping Services

Housekeeping is the Department that deals essentially with cleanliness and all ancillary services attached to that. Our professionalism makes us a top-level contender in providing the Housekeeping Services. SSOS’s Housekeeping Services are unique due to the depth understanding of the customers’ individual needs. On the depth of experience, we have built ourselves with the best practices.

Most Corporations pay vast amount of cash on the infrastructure of their Offices. At times, several of them entrust the cleansing and maintenance of the pricey interiors to amateurs resulting in the fitting deteriorate and also the Company needs to incur further expenses on repair and renovation. With the proliferation and convenience of a good sort of interior materials, primitive amateurs either use the incorrect material, wrong procedure or improperly clean the things. Several Corporations that had undertaken housework conjointly work with in-house employees have slowly completed the necessity to use skilled and square measure switch over to professional service organizations for housework. SSOS’s SECURITY & FACILITY SERVICES provide solutions to all of your housework service connected issues.

Routine executive work services are of comprehensive nature, i.e., we offer employees, machines, and materials for cleanup and maintenance of company premises, company guest houses, company industries, etc. Our customer’s approach is to confirm each visual and sanitary cleanup of the premises the least bit times that is applied on a composite daily, weekly, and monthly cleanup basis. We tend to deploy trained, tough, clothed, and polite government work employees alongside the correct direction of consultants.

As you will appreciate, for the proper and excellent housekeeping services, suitable cleaning material should be used. SSOS’s SECURITY & FACILITY SERVICES use recommended & reputed quality materials, each one specifically formulated for the specific job. All the chemicals used are Environment Friendly. Hence, not only the cleaning is ensured but also the upkeep and maintenance are assured. One feels comfortable only in an environment that is clean and well-ordered, so cleanliness is very important for health and well-being.

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